The site page has three main components: header, page body and footer.

The width of the site is 970 pixels on computer screen, 750 pixels on mobile devices and 1170 pixels on wide screen. The template is responsive so the web-site will be adapted to the device it is viewed on.


Header goes across the top of your site, throughout all of your pages. It contains company logo OR company name and the menu.

Page body

It is possible to add a variety of different elements to the body of the page. Press the Edit button at the top right corner of the page to activate the menu of the blocks that are available to be added. It will appear on the left of the page.


The footer consists of  three columns.  There are two settings for the Footer: Automatic and non-Automatic

Automatic Footer

The text in the columns is prefilled. The column to the right is an editable content area meaning the text is split between text boxes and it is possible to add inner content into it. The other two text boxes on the left are of fixed width and it is not possible to add inner content into them.

Non-Automatic footer

The text in the columns is not pre-filled and all the three text boxes are editable content areas meaning it is possible to add inner content into them.

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