What is work life balance and how to achieve it?

                                You have probably heard the term work-life-balance before, but what is it exactly? And how can you achieve a work life balance? The definition of work life balance is having a good divide between the time you work and the time you use on leisure outside of work, such as spending time with family. Recently the term work life balance has gotten a lot of attention and people are becoming more aware of the benefits of having a well balanced life. Having your own business and the process of building a company can be quite stressful, but how can we achieve our goals and succeed while avoiding stress and enjoying life? Here are some helpful tips towards a more balanced life. Remember though, that it can take some time to balance your time between work and leisure, follow these simple tips to get started on your journey towards a more happy life. 

                                1. Prioritise work tasks. 

                                Determine the most urgent tasks for the day and allocate sufficient time to complete them and structure your time at work. Know what to do and when to do it, get organized so no task feels overwhelming.  

                                2. Take breaks during the work day

                                Take short walks around the office or even better, go outside. Get a cup of coffee or water, listen to music or meditate, find a meditation app and try to do one meditation practice for 10 minutes each day.

                                3. Make use of annual holidays to recharge. 

                                When there is a day off, take a day off and enjoy it. Learn to put work tasks on hold when you are on vacation. 

                                4. Leverage technology to work smarter. 

                                With all the technology available today learn how to use it to make tasks and organizing easier. Using apps such as the Redux event planner can help us making difficult tasks easier. 

                                5. Communicate

                                Talk to your colleagues or peers about your needs and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Talk to a friend if you feel like you need to vent about something, often they can offer advice or give you some extra motivation. Learn to say ‘no’, sometimes it is necessary to say no when we are asked to do something, nobody can do it all and if we feel like a task is going to be impossible to take on, simply say no. 

                                 6. Work out

                                Working out has been proven to be a great stress reliever, whether you do it before work, during lunch hours or after, it increases endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the brain and has many proven benefits such as improving your sleep. Find the type of exercise you love so you don’t feel like it’s something you have to do but rather something you want to do. 

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